If you own a Jaguar that is model year 1998 or newer, your keys require a specialized machine cutting and programming. This is done at every Jaguar dealership and typically runs $500+. At Kuhn Automotive we have the same capability of any Jaguar Dealership, and offer key services at less than half the price of the average dealer. In addition to all of your Jaguar service needs, we are proud to offer new and spare keys for your vehicle at affordable prices.

Many cars that are purchased used only come with one key. This is risky for any car owner as there is always the possibility of locking the key in the car or losing that key. The convenience of having a spare key is clear. New RFID programmed keys that require a specialized machine for cutting are expensive and dealerships charge high prices for the service. The keys we use are approved for use in all Jaguar vehicles and will provide you with the security of having a spare key or a replacement key for your vehicle.

Your new key will be ready in minutes and can be completed for any walk in customer while you wait. Come see us today for any Jaguar key cutting and programming needs.

Key Cutter